WordPress XML-RPC is used not only for pingbacks and trackbacks but for posting with Weblog clients. You can think of a weblog client as the equivalent to an email client like Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook. The popular analytical plugin JetPack uses XML-RPC to connect to WordPress.com servers and allow two way communication between your … Continued

Some might ask what makes WordPress an awesome content manager. Is it the fact that there are step-by-step tutorials for first time users? Or is it because they can cater to whatever experience someone might have with website design. WordPress is publishing software which was designed to not only to be user friendly, but can … Continued

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform
The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

The font choice you make for your website is more important than many people realize.  Have you ever looked at a website and liked it, but wasn’t sure why?  Maybe you’ve had the opposite experience, and for some reason didn’t like it, but couldn’t pinpoint the reason.  Website font choices come in all sizes, shapes, … Continued

Of all the aspects of graphic design, color can be the most powerful. Color communicates without words; it invokes emotions, emphasizes important aspects of a product or design, and can establish consistency across multiple platforms. The proper use of color can make or break a design, and it’s vitally important to understand how color fits into … Continued

Computer hardware ages, there is no doubt about that, and there are hundreds if not thousands of choices and options for you to decide from when it is time to upgrade or replace your PC.  The short answer on what to look for in computer hardware is contingent on what you are looking for in … Continued

One of the things that makes using WordPress so easy scalability is the ability to install “Plugins”. A plugin is a piece of software that can either be uploaded to your server from your computer, or downloaded to the server from a repository. Plugins are designed to easily and quickly enhance the functionality of your … Continued

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a practice used to get better organic (non-paid) search results in search provider listings.  The best time to start using SEO is at the beginning of website development.  SEO tells the search engine what your company and website is all about and returns your site when people search for keywords … Continued

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) consists of a large system of servers which are usually located in multiple data centers worldwide.  The point of the CDN is to serve content (hence content delivery) to end-users.  An end-user is, for instance, you!  By reading this webpage you are the intended end-user of this site. Let’s say … Continued