How-to Optimize your WordPress Website WordPress is a very powerful and great platform. However, it has a weakness in that it is usually very slow. The speed of your website will determine its success. If your website is sluggish, you will lose new visitors who will probably click the back button even before your site … Continued

Website Development Life Cycle Website development Life Cycle can be separated into different phases just like any other field of software development. The determination of this cycle is to assist in supporting the developers with tasks that are need to be completed at precise stages. It also enables the developer to work and follow a … Continued

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform
The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

So you figured out a killer domain name for your new website maybe a .com, .net, or .org (those are the most common). Do you know your domain history? Who owned it before you, was there a website under the domain, was it used for nefarious purposes? Just because a domain is available doesn’t mean … Continued

WordPress is a fantastic piece of software to use for you website, there’s no doubt about that. As with any software out there, bugs happen. Sometimes WordPress can have issues with menu items disappearing from the menu section after saving. This can happen with regular style menus and the newer and more customizable MegaMenus. After … Continued

Social Media Management with Swayy So you’ve got your business up and running – or maybe you are looking to start building your online presence early for that new startup. Swayy is a new way to easily manage your social media presence. I’ve been using the free version of Swayy for quite some time now … Continued

Schedule WordPress Posts to Increase Blog Value You have the ability to Schedule WordPress Posts to automatically be posted on whatever date you want! Pick a few hours, a few days, or a few months in the future. Sometimes you have a great blog post come to mine, but it’s 3am in the morning which … Continued

Computer Maintenance is defined as, “the practice of keeping computers in a good  state of repair”.   It’s a fairly simple explanation, but the actual practice of maintaining your computer can be difficult and encompasses everything from physically cleaning your computer to installing necessary OS updates and driver updates.  The top killer of computers is … Continued

Nothing is more aggravating than working with a window only to “lose” that window off screen. There are plenty of ways that this can happen, accidental positioning is usually the main cause. My problem is a portrait oriented 1080p monitor that sometimes causes some odd behavior with some programs. The program that I lost off … Continued

Computers are great, and we use them every day for a variety of purposes. From huge business networks and servers down to the desktop at your house and the phone in your pocket, computers have enabled us to grow as a civilization. One little fact has become apparent, the digital world is not a perfect … Continued