What is GIT? In its simplest terms, GIT is version control software used to backup and version your WordPress website. It is by far the most widely used modern software control system in the world. GIT is scalable, meaning you can use it privately to track code changes on a small website or application that … Continued

Top 10 Plugins for WordPress Websites WordPress is perhaps the most powerful and renowned system that you will find on the web whenever you want to develop a blog or even a website. This is free and open source software carries a toolkit of plugins that a web developer cannot do without. Allowing you to … Continued

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform
The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

Increase the Memory Limit on WordPress and WooCommerce WordPress is a great Content Management System (CMS), that allows easy editing, updating, and publishing of content on your website. Sometimes you can run into issues with plugins or themes depending on how high your memory limit is set in PHP. This is a step by step … Continued

How to make WordPress Faster In today’s internet driven world, owning the fastest website can earn you points as far as reducing bounce rate and increasing conversions is concerned. Internet users want the information they seek within the shortest time possible. A page load time of one second is considered too long. Although WordPress sites … Continued

What To Do When Your Website Goes Down? You are in your office, the company website is down and you are losing out in terms of web presence as a company, what should you do? Well, the options and steps to getting your site back online is a delicate and time consuming task. You have … Continued

How To Protect WordPress Website From Malware And Hacking WordPress is to a great extent the number one content management system available today and boasts a community of tens of millions. It is quite simple to create a site from scratch using WordPress and what’s more, it is a free tool. However, you will need … Continued

How to Choose the Right Website Hosting Solution An increasing number of businesses rely on their websites to engage with existing customers and access potential ones. But most of them tend to focus on building great content and overlook the value of choosing the right website host. Some businesses fail to assess their needs and … Continued

Importance of Keeping WordPress Website Up To Date WordPress being constantly evolving software is used by many web developers as a platform to develop websites due to the constant feedback of the trusty developers using it for this purpose. Another reason of increasing popularity of this web developing platform is that the websites based on … Continued

Setting Up your Website for Great SEO Visibility is vital for a website and one of the best ways to achieve this is through search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization refers to a process carried out to help a website get traffic from natural, free, organic, or editorial search results on the leading search … Continued

Decrease Website Downtime When you own and run a website, no matter the platform, it is very vital for your site to be available every time to your clients. When a potential client tries to access your website and finds it unavailable, then you have a serious problem. It doesn’t matter whether the website was … Continued