How-to Optimize your WordPress Website WordPress is a very powerful and great platform. However, it has a weakness in that it is usually very slow. The speed of your website will determine its success. If your website is sluggish, you will lose new visitors who will probably click the back button even before your site … Continued

Website content management systems (CMS) allow individuals and companies to create powerful sites. There are various options available for you to select from when selecting a CMS. Your choice will depend on the features you want to include on your site and your technical know-how.  Each website CMS is different, so what works for someone … Continued

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform
The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

WordPress Website Backup BlogVault offers quality WordPress website backup services. If you own a WordPress site, backup is essential to ensure you have access to everything on your website in case it is hacked. With the backup service, you can restore your site at any time. It is even possible to test the back up … Continued

Website Text Length and its impact on SEO & SERPs A website without content is like a skeleton without flesh. Thus, creating high quality, easy to read and engaging content is one of the most important things that ought to be embraced when creating a webpage. But this is not all. You have to make sure … Continued

Content management is supposedly the most important aspect online. It helps to present ideas to the clients or visitors and at times, give them room to express their ideas. Among the many content management platforms, WordPress is the most popular – owning 62% of the CMS market at the time of writing. It is very … Continued

Website Design Trends In 2015 Since the advent of computers, a transformation of every facet of human life took place. Businesses, institutions and organizations have ever since gone online. Incomparable to any other factor, a company‚Äôs website is the public face of the particular business to the whole world. From consumer trends across the world, … Continued

Animated GIFs not displaying correctly in WooCommerce? We’ve got the solution for you! I came across the issue of animated GIFs not displaying correctly in WooCommerce recently while building out an ecommerce website for a client. The client was very adamant about having the animated GIFs show in the product catalog, individual product pages, and … Continued

WordPress is a fantastic piece of software to use for you website, there’s no doubt about that. As with any software out there, bugs happen. Sometimes WordPress can have issues with menu items disappearing from the menu section after saving. This can happen with regular style menus and the newer and more customizable MegaMenus. After … Continued

Schedule WordPress Posts to Increase Blog Value You have the ability to Schedule WordPress Posts to automatically be posted on whatever date you want! Pick a few hours, a few days, or a few months in the future. Sometimes you have a great blog post come to mine, but it’s 3am in the morning which … Continued

Excellent question Grasshopper, a child theme is used in conjunction with your main theme. At the most basic level, your WordPress child theme is a theme where you can make changes to the CSS or even PHP files in your theme without actually changing the files in your theme! A WordPress child theme is a … Continued