Lost a window off screen?

Nothing is more aggravating than working with a window only to “lose” that window off screen. There are plenty of ways that this can happen, accidental positioning is usually the main cause. My problem is a portrait oriented 1080p monitor that sometimes causes some odd behavior with some programs. The program that I lost off screen (only the top) was steam.


Re-position in Windows

In windows 7, re-positioning the window back on screen is as simple as bringing the window into focus, click in the window if it is still visible or click on the window icon in the taskbar. Once you have done this all you have to do is hold the windows key and press the right arrow. This should lock the window into the “right” position on your monitor!


Re-position in Mac

Re-positioning an off screen window is not as a simple as in Mac as it is in Windows. Most people find the easiest thing to do is to change the resolution of your monitor to a lower setting. Go to System preferences ยป Displays and then change the resolution. This will force the open windows to be re-positioned.

Re-position in Linux

Many Linux distributions have ways of retrieving a lost window. On Ubuntu for example, simply select the window (use Alt-Tab or Super-W) and then use Alt-Spacebar to maximize the window. Then you will have full control of the positioning. If that doesn’t work, you can try Alt+F7 and then move the cursor keys until the window appears in the viewport.

Many people will never run into this issue, but in case you do lose a window off screen these instructions will help you get it back. Got a better way of doing it? Leave a comment below!

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