Importance of Keeping WordPress Website Up To Date


Importance of Keeping WordPress Website Up To Date

WordPress being constantly evolving software is used by many web developers as a platform to develop websites due to the constant feedback of the trusty developers using it for this purpose. Another reason of increasing popularity of this web developing platform is that the websites based on it can be updated frequently to improve overall experience with it. These updates are important not only for providing new features to the website but also for improving its security from hackers. Moreover you can get the greatest benefits offered by WordPress by keeping website up to date with the latest version of WordPress.

Some people do not find it easy to stay up dated all the time due to plugin compatibility issues and unexpected hiccups etc. They also avoid spending their time for keeping a website up to date as no considerable problem was experienced by them including data loss or breakdown in website by not updating their WordPress website frequently.

But still keeping website up to date is important as it provided a number of benefits briefly described here under for your consideration.

Reasons for keeping website up to date

Security: In fact WordPress is an open source software the details of which are made public whenever an upgraded version is released, like other open source software. Someone with malicious mentality can take advantage of this information if it is related to the security of the website. They can potentially hack your WordPress website if you are not keeping website up to date in time.

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Security of the website from hackers and other unwanted intruders is the main reason for which keeping website up to date is important. Though WordPress is consistently becoming popular among web developers but the existence of many security loopholes in the past raise question on its perfect security. Hackers can gain access to large number of WordPress websites if they are not updated with its latest version. They can cause various types of harms to the non-updated website including injecting malicious software etc. You can effectively reduce the risk of being hacked by ensuring that your WordPress website is running with the latest version to improve its security.

Fix bugs: The bugs on a website are so minute entities which sometimes can get enter into its software even after using most rigorous testing measures. Especially when new codes and features are additionally added to the software to improve its functionality the possibilities of happening something wrong increase considerably due to these bugs. So by keeping website up to date you can fix the bugs and run your WordPress website confidently and peacefully. But even while updating your website with latest version of WordPress as it can address to the bugs found in the last version. You should review the release notes to know about the measures taken in each version in this regard. So you can avoid noticeable harm to your WordPress website by fixing these bugs

Addition of new features: The users of WordPress website are introduced to new functionalities and features by keeping website up to date with new versions of the growing open source software. For instance they got updated 24 new default themes and design of WordPress dashboard when their 3.7 version was updated with 3.8. Similarly the media manager was greatly improved in another update of WordPress. The 3.0 version of the WordPress introduced the features of custom navigation menus and multi-site installations whereas the 3.1 upgraded version added the Admin Bar to easily navigate between sites and improved internal linking.

Thus these new features help the users to run these websites more comfortably. They can make the lives of the administrators or owners of these websites easier on the basis of the feedbacks from their users. They also help in improving compatibility with new plugins which cannot be possible otherwise. If you have installed new plugins on your WordPress website running on old version then they cannot work properly unless latest version of WordPress is not updated. In this case you will have to search the old version of the plugins compatible to your WordPress version but it might be missing some bugfixes and other features introduced in the latest version.

How to keep a WordPress website up to date

After knowing the importance of keeping a website up to date with the latest versions of WordPress you must know how to do this. If you think that you can update your WordPress website with new themes and plugins just by clicking on Update button then you may be wrong. It may be a bit complicated to upgrade your WordPress website properly. You must have strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, cPanel, phpMyAdmin and WordPress coding conventions including filters, hooks and “the loop” before upgrading your website. You can take the help of a professional WordPress developer if you are not comfortable with these techniques as he can easily fix the things if anything goes wrong during the process.

Process of keeping website up to date

  • First of all you should create backup of your files and database before upgrading your WordPress on the website to avoid any problem in future. You should ensure while creating backup that the changes made by you in the files, themes and plugins are saved as it is in text file in the backup.
  • Now you should see the summary of the changes to be done by checking the changelogs for all updates to avoid any problem in future. You should wait for next upgrade if certain major issues are reported by other users.
  • To let the visitors see the maintenance massage instead of your website you should install, activate and turn on Maintenance Mode plugin.
  • Now is the time to Click for upgrading the necessary themes, plugins or software. You should run the Update Network script from the Network Admin menu, if you are running a multisite installation.
  • You should thoroughly check the errors on your website after its up-gradation is completed.

Thus you will be able to keeping website up to date with the latest version of WordPress by following the tips provided in this write-up and avail its benefits.