Importance of SEO to Business


Appreciating the Importance of SEO to Business

Google has in the past few weeks made significant changes to its algorithm. Because these changes are meant to have a dramatic and significant impact on mobile search results, Google took the un-chartered route of pre-announcing the algorithm tweaks way back in November 2014. Even though the changes affect only mobile search results and not desktop or tablets search results; the effect is still significant because mobile does make up 50% of all Google searches. And with Google controlling almost 80% of the search engine market, these changes are quite far reaching.

In February 2015, the company did release a mobile friendly test which does allow websites to see whether their sites are ready for the algorithm change. The changes effected favor sites which are responsive in their design, have links which are placed far enough to allow for tapping with a finger as well as sites which use technology that supports responsive design. The changes will negatively affect mobile sites with have unplayable video, blocked image files as well as slow mobile pages. That is why SEO is important now than ever before.

What is SEO?

SEO refers to the process or practice of promoting a website so as to increase the number of visitors and clients the site receives from targeted search engines. SEO is quite wide and extensive and includes both mundane tasks such as where keywords are placed to more detailed aspects such as building linkages to other relevant sites. Why SEO is important is because it can make it easier for your site to be found. This is because the majority of web traffic is mainly driven by the main commercial search engines which include Google(80%), Yahoo (9.5%), Bing (8.5%) and others (2%). Search engines are the pathways that lead to your site and if the search engines cannot find your site easily then you lose out when it comes to driving traffic to your site.

Search queries have an extraordinary value and even though search engines are backed using some of the strongest algorithms, they still need help. They are constantly crawling the web more deeply so as to provide users with better return. By providing the right content, design, features, and keywords SEO can greatly boost your rankings so as to ensure that your content is better placed and readily available for the search engines when they look for it. With over 250 million sites on the web, getting lost in the crowd is very easy, this is especially so if your service or product is highly competitive.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform
The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

Why SEO is important to your website

With all the above in mind, why SEO is important and the positive effect of SEO on sales figures is not refutable. With a higher site ranking which can only be possible through accurate and timely content as well as user friendly design and delightful customer experience; the number of customers visiting or engaging the site is also bound to increase significantly. It is worth noting though that SEO on its own will not be able to improve the sales figures. Another reason why SEO is important is because improving the numbers involves a more concerted and holistic approach to the business enterprise. The high traffic generated via SEO is not valuable unless a high percentage of those visitors are converted into buying or paying clients. We encourage the use of Google Analytics and Google Adwords PPC to increase and track the number of conversions your website is creating.

Another reason why SEO is important in improving sales figures is because SEO does provide an enterprise with a treasure trove of data about the buying habits of prospects, their buying patterns, their likes and dislikes as well as their product or service choice. This does allow businesses to come up with more targeted marketing campaigns which are bound to be more successful with prospective clients and inadvertently turn them into paying clients.

It is worth mentioning again at this juncture that apart from just having a purely SEO centered campaign; it is also more prudent to have SEO campaigns running concurrently with a paid advertising campaign. This is because apart from both methods working slightly differently, paid advertising is a good way of getting results until such a time when SEO methods implemented start generating some organic traffic to the site.

Leveraging Paid Advertising for SEO

Paid advertising campaigns such as Google Adwords, Twitter, Facebook and Admob can all be used to create and develop new campaigns targeting different platforms on the above mentioned networks with the sole purpose of finding new followers, new customers or selling more services and products. Paid advertising also does allow the business to review their existing campaigns and come up with more effective ways of having a better return on investment. Most paid advertisements also have conversion tracking capabilities which make it easy for any business that employ such services to see how well or otherwise their paid advertising campaigns are performing.

Why SEO is important can also be seen in how it helps businesses to get lots of free advertising which would otherwise cost them a whole wad of cash. Research studies have shown that a whopping sixty percent (60%) of clicks go to the first result. Getting this kind of advertising mileage by simply implementing an SEO campaign which cannot be as costly is indeed a very hearty bargain, this does show why SEO is important. When used effectively and efficiently, this free advertising can be used to gain lots of customers who would otherwise be very expensive not only to convert but even to reach and interact with. For a very small investment, the results can be quite astounding to say the least. The advertising value that a good and well executed SEO campaign provides is far cheaper when compared against what it would cost to get the same exposure using other methods of online marketing.

It should be noted though that SEO is not a quick fix method of either gaining clients or generating traffic. One of the main advantages or reasons why SEO is important is because when well planned and implemented it is a process that’s all encompassing; demanding attention from virtually all facets of the business. A good SEO campaign will therefore take time and effort and it is because of this reason that such a campaign is best left to professionals to handle. A small oversight or usage of certain black hat techniques in an SEO campaign can worsen the situation; sending your website into search engine oblivion, never to recover. In this regard, it is advisable to exhibit some level of patience when running an SEO campaign and be ready to tweak the campaign from time to time so as to achieve the desired results. Once you appreciate why SEO is important, you must always strive to keep it alive and vibrant because SEO is not an event, it is a continuous process that requires constant attention.

To fully appreciate why SEO is important, here is a brief recap of all the above mentioned;

  • It is important to keep abreast of any algorithm changes, especially so from Google, take note and make the necessary changes.
  • Some of the reasons why SEO is important are that it not only makes it easy for your site to be found, it can also strengthen your bottom line by improving your sales numbers.
  • It is possible to have SEO run in conjunction with paid advertising so as to reach a wider market relatively quickly.
  • Lastly, SEO is a long term undertaking and should be considered as such when coming up with strategic plans.