Microsoft Announces Windows 10


Microsoft announced its newest variation of the iconic operating system the other day, Windows 10. It is scheduled for release in late 2015. Microsoft is describing Windows 10 as their “most comprehensive platform ever” and aim to tailor the Windows experience in unity across all platforms. Microsoft decided to jump their product naming directly to Windows 10, skipping over 9 in what we can only assume to be a distancing measure from Windows 8 which was received with mixed emotions. The main goal of Windows 10 appears to be the consistency factor between devices, much like what Apple is doing with OS X, but Microsoft has one thing Apple doesn’t have; two-thirds of the market.

Windows 10, Start Menu is back

Most of the concerns I’ve ever heard about the Windows 8 platform is the fact that Microsoft ditched the start menu in favor of the “Metro” interface. Well, users of Windows 10 will be happy to know that the old start menu is back, with a few improvements of course. Windows 10 start menu will offer the tried and tested program navigation with the option of customizing with metro style tiles.

Windows 10 boasts consistency across platforms

It doesn’t matter what you are using – desktop, tablet, phone, or even Xbox; Windows 10 will look the same. Microsoft is consolidating its user experience and UI design across Windows 10 devices. This could be a huge leap forward for Microsoft, once you learn Windows 10 you will know how to use any device with Windows 10. Additionally, Microsoft plans on consolidating their app store, so developers can easily deploy their apps across multiple platforms. This could very well be exactly what Microsoft needs to gain a foothold in the mobile device world and give both Apple and Android a run for their money.

Windows 10 is good for business

Windows 10 will have enterprise-grade features which make it an excellent choice (supposedly) for business consumers. It will include enterprise-grade security features such as identity and information protection and much-improved resistance to breach, theft, and phishing attempts. Hopefully, compatibility will not be an issue like it was with Windows 8 for small businesses looking to upgrade.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform
The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

Windows 10 is the perfect mix of 7 and 8

Microsoft actually listened to the complaints against Windows 8 and appears to have brought back some of the features that users missed most (crazy right?).

Apps will run in windows!

In Windows 8 many of the app store apps would only run in full-screen mode. This is no longer the case on Windows 10, apps will now be able to run in a windowed environment with title bars allowing users to minimize, maximize/restore, and close with a single click.

Windows 10 is a snap

One of the best features (in my opinion) of Windows 7 is the ability to snap windows to the side of the screen. The only complaint I have is that the usability of this feature is somewhat limited. Windows 10 announces an enhancement to their ‘window snapping’ feature that will allow users to snap up to four different applications in quadrants on their screens. With the 2k-4k-5k tv/monitor revolution slowing taking place, users are left with more usable screen real estate than ever before, Windows 10 will let you maximize your usable space and productivity.

Windows 10 multiple desktops (finally)

Windows 10 will finally make use of a multiple desktop feature thereby further increasing usability. This makes it easier for those of us that work from home for instance, or go to school to separate their machine in different virtual environments. We can finally have one desktop dedicated to working, one to school, and one to gaming!

Windows 10, is it really that great?

It’s hard to say since the official launch is scheduled in late 2015, there is plenty of time for Microsoft to mess it up. In theory, Windows 10 looks like it will be a fantastic operating system. Microsoft is proactively fixing the issues that vast numbers of users had with their implementation of Windows 8 while still incorporating their new ‘Metro’ design, but not throwing it in your face.

Want to check out Windows 10?

It’s pretty easy, join the Microsoft Insider program and get a technical preview of the operating system. I wouldn’t recommend installing this early build as your daily driver though!