Social Media Management with Swayy

Social Media Management with Swayy

So you’ve got your business up and running – or maybe you are looking to start building your online presence early for that new startup. Swayy is a new way to easily manage your social media presence. I’ve been using the free version of Swayy for quite some time now and it makes managing Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts a breeze. This tool is a must have for any company planning on doing social media exposure campaigns! I was a little skeptical about using this app after hearing about it from a colleague in the web development field, but I have to say after using it, I have become completely addicted to it.
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What does Swayy do?

Swayy compiles all articles that are actually interesting (based on pre-selected categories and algorithmically determined suggestions) in one place that allows you to share across multiple social media sites. It’s like being on all of your favorite blogs, magazines, and content sources at the same time in the same place. It allows you to read articles and post across most social media accounts from one interface. It takes the headache out of managing your (or your clients) social media presence.

Scheduled posts with Swayy

swayy-schedule-social-media-postsWe wrote an article recently about scheduling posts in WordPress, Swayy allows you to do the same thing for your social media accounts. You can schedule article sharing hours, days or even months in advance. You can sit down in the morning and plan your social media campaign for the day – or you can take a few hours on Sunday and plan for the week. The options with scheduling your social media posts with Swayy are endless which makes this tool incredibly useful!

Your social media following expects you to create and share useful and engaging content basically 24/7. As developers, business people, and entrepreneurs we are often limited by the amount of time on hand that we have to read and share these articles. Swayy makes it possible for one person to wear several hats within an organization or startup.

Having an effective social media strategy can have a profound effect on getting your business, startup, or idea no matter what stage of development you are in. Swayy is a tool you are going to want to use to provide your following with consistent material that is directly related to you business.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform
The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform


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Social Media Analytics with Swayy

swayy-twitter-social-media-analyticsIn addition to everything else you get when you use the Swayy app, one of the biggest benefits I’ve found from it (besides easy cross posting) is the analytic capacity of this tool. It allows you to break down each post shared by Swayy across your social media accounts to see the number of shares, likes, comments, and clicks. You can find out exactly what kind of articles your following likes to read and post more articles that will increase engagement.

Having just signed up for the pro account which gives you access to 2 dashboards, 2 team members, and real-time analytics, I’m excited to see what the paid version has to offer over the free version. I have no doubt at this point that the benefits of paying a low $9 per month will outweigh the cost.
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The only thing I see missing in this app is the ability to post to your Google+ account, which hopefully the team at Swayy will address in the future. Otherwise, in a time when your social media following expects constant and consistent updates and engaging articles, the team at Swayy has done an excellent job at making this task a reality. I highly recommend giving Swayy a try and linking it up to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to cross post articles on your social media accounts. I’ve already recommended Swayy to several clients who have all said the same thing about it – it makes their jobs that much easier to do.