Top 10 Things to Look for When Hiring a Web Developer

Top 10 Things to Look for When Hiring a Web Developer

Developing web pages is one of the most popular steps in the world of marketing today. In business circles, having a company oriented web page is not only helpful for increasing the client base, but is also a significant step that can be taken towards ultimate profit maximisation. In this article we take a look at the top 10 qualities that every web developer should have and every entrepreneur must keep in mind before hiring a web developer or a web designing company.


Top Things to Look For in a Web Developer

The following is a list of the top 10 attributes that a web designer must have in order to for him/her to be a profitable investment for your company.

1. Excellent Communication

The web developing company that one hires should have a penchant for excellent communication. Communication in this regard is a reference to the ability of the developer to listen to the client’s needs as well as understand and empathise with the client’s demands. The idea of communication is also something that might be seen as a step beyond the basic art of coding. This is because, the best web developers are not those who have the best programming skills, but those who can apply this skills to any situation in real time. Communicating with fluency and dexterity is one of the most important aspects of any good web developer.

2. Adaptive to Your Needs

The other most important aspect of any web developer is the ability to be flexible and adaptive. This is because the idea of web pages is ultimately to sell a product or a company’s wares. If there is any miscommunication between the client and the developer, not only will the web page be sub-standard but the time and money invested in the design company will have been for nothing. Ensuring that one finds a developer who is willing to listen to the needs of the client and able to professionally sort through any difficulty that one faces should be the primary objective while hiring a web developer.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform
The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

3. Doesn’t reinvent the Wheel

The phrase ‘reinventing the wheel’ refers to the act of reproducing that which has already been done. In the case of web development, the idea of using old material that has been floating around for a while is severely detrimental for business goals. This is because innovation is important and a useful tool when one has to increase their prospective client base. That doesn’t mean that your web developer needs to create every bit of code by hand. There are plenty of repositories and solutions that contain very reusable code. Scalable solutions like WordPress or Joomla are excellent frameworks that your developer can build on. Looking for a web developer who is original and can think according to the situation is highly recommended.

4. Uses scalable solutions

In the world of business data analysis, there is a need to use scalable solutions. As any entrepreneur will know, the concept of using a software solution that works for thousands as well as it does for ten is not only crucial but also extremely helpful when it comes to increasing the potential economic curve of a business venture. Looking for a web developer who will ultimately increase the economic output of the company should be one of the foremost things that need to be considered while hiring the services of a developer.

5. Uses responsive design

This is in keeping with the point made about hiring web developers who are willing to adapt. The main benefit that responsive web designing has is that is makes for easy viewership and navigation. On the whole, then, there is a reduction in the need for scrolling down, resizing the page and panning when it comes to visual reception. Responsive web design is one of the most important aspects when it comes to increasing client database and should be a part of the skill set of any good web developer.

6. Creates Functional Sites (not just pretty websites)

The other skilled aspect that a web designer must have is the ability to create functional websites. There are many designers out there who can create well designed and presentable web pages. However, the need for an amalgamation of both functionality and design is important as it caters to the needs for an easy read as well as an informative one.

7. Doesn’t Use Technical Lingo

While the ideal web developer should be proficient in programming and coding, there is a need to stick to a friendly, yet informative tone while creating content for the web page. Along with corresponding graphics, the web page must be easy to understand and fairly simple in terms of navigation. The overall impact of a robust underlying algorithm and comprehensive web page content can increase business sales manifold.

8. Designs with SEO in mind

In today’s market, SEO optimisation is one of the foremost tools that a web designer should have. The first marker of a serious web developer is an understanding of how the SEO mechanism works and can be applied to the code, the copy and all the content of a website. Getting the site indexed and efficiently optimised is one of the hallmarks of good web development skills.

9. They ask for information about you and your company

The reason one must hire a web developer who asks for company details is because that indicates that the designer is serious about understanding the complexities of your company dynamics and using it to create a foolproof website. There should be a minimum level of interest that the developer shows in the details of the company as it will ensure that the website is informative and easy to understand. As many entrepreneurs will agree, the idea of showing the clients the fundamental working tenets of the company helps to create a bond between the two and also allows for profit maximisation.

10. They outline costs up front

In the marketing world, there is a certain onus placed on an upfront and honest transaction. This is a hallmark of work ethic and sincerity. Looking for a web developer who outlines the cost right at the onset is critical as one can get a good idea of where and how the money will be used. Overall, there is a financial honesty and accountability that is maintained along with a level of preparedness that can be invaluable.

With the ever increasing number of web designers in today’s market, it is important to learn how to choose the right one. Not only should the designing company be aware of your needs and demands but should also be able to adapt to the changing trends of the business world while remaining ethical and honest.