Top Ten Plugins for WordPress Websites

Top 10 Plugins for WordPress Websites

WordPress is perhaps the most powerful and renowned system that you will find on the web whenever you want to develop a blog or even a website. This is free and open source software carries a toolkit of plugins that a web developer cannot do without. Allowing you to optimize and enhance your website, this assortment of plugins will enable your website run faster and more efficiently.

While you desire to use the least number of plugins on your website, it is also true that not all of these will bog down your website. Starting a website is therefore easy, but relatively more difficult in choosing the kind of plugins that will make it high-powered and user-friendly. As such, this article highlights ten of the best plugins that you ought to have in order to develop a highly responsive and user-friendly website.


Must-Have WordPress Website Plugins

W3 Total Cache Using a caching plugin is one of the most essential steps that you will ever take in an attempt to optimize your website and improve its performance. If a website takes long to load, you will definitely lose potential readers as well as search engine traffic. This plugin comes to your aid, reducing the loading time by up to 50%. This will keep your website up and running, especially when you have a sudden rush of traffic (which in ordinary cases would lead to crashing of your site). Get W3 Total Cache

WordPress SEO by Yoast This is one of the most downloaded wordpress plugins, perhaps because of its ease of use and functionality in terms of optimizing your posts for search engines. Whether you are a search engine optimization master or not, therefore, this is the plugin that you need to handle all your optimization needs. The most direct contribution of this plugin comes with regard to the SEO box that lies beneath every post. Here, you will be guided on the best keywords for the subject in question so that you remain on topic. Similarly, the plugin will indicate how your text stacks up based on the keywords that you have entered. This way, you are able to come up with the kind of content that will increase your visibility on search engines without issues such as keyword-stuffing. Get WordPress SEO by Yoast

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform
The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

BlogVault This is a backup plugin that takes a few minutes to install and use. Remember, backup is very essential to any business since it protects your data against potential loss. This explains why you need a top-notch backup plugin such as BlogVault which provides daily automatic backups for your wordpress data. It schedules daily backups and makes use of offsite storage. The first backup is initiated immediately you install the plugin, a reason why it is identified as the most reliable backup solution.Formidable forms This is a wordpress form-builder that allows you to come up with visually appealing forms within 60 seconds. With a simple drag and drop interface as well as in-place editing, you can customize and edit your forms at any given time to collect the kind of data that you deem important from your potential visitors. Get Blogvault Backup

Wordfence Wordfence is a WordPress plugin that hardens your website against attacks from hackers and bots. Essentially what this plugin does is make it more difficult to access common points of access and actively detects and blocks attempts to gain access to the WordPress backend. Wordfence has the ability to detect and block brute force attacks, scan website files for changes against the official repository, monitor activity of users and detect intrusions, and much more. Using this plugin in conjunction with a remote backup plugin such as blogvault offers a total security solution for your WordPress website. Get Wordfence

Woosidebars This is perhaps one of the rare plugins that will enable you to change the widgets that are displayed in a sidebar according to the context in question. In essence, you will have a unique custom widget area which will display different widgets according to conditions such as a specific blog post or according to the search result screen. With this plugin, be sure that potential visitors will be exposed to widgets that are relevant to what they are looking for on your website. Get WooSidebars


Optional/If Needed WordPress Plugins

If you need a kickass gallery

NextGen Gallery With over 12 million downloads all through its shelf life, this is definitely the best wordpress gallery plugin. It provides a strong engine for users to upload and manage images, with diverse inclusions such as group uploading, adding thumbnails, adding and deleting images as well as importing Metadata. The plugin will also serve you with thumbnail galleries and slideshows so that you can control various aspects such as size, effect, transition, style and even time. Get NextGEN Gallery

If you need an easy to use, expandable, and reliable online store

Woocommerce Do you desire to transform your newly-created website into a smashing ecommerce website just like Amazon and eBay? If yes, then this is the plugin that you ought to use. It comes as a full package providing various widgets, real-time reports, shipping methods, a variety of payment gateways and a vibrant dashboard to keep you going. With this plugin, you will as well be treated to additional features such as stylish themes that will enable you build an elegant store just like the popular Amazon. Get Woocommerce

If you need an easy to manage Table

TablePress This is the plugin that will enable you come up with beautiful tables in an easy and manageable way. These tables will in turn be embedded to your posts, text widgets or even pages with a simple short code. If you are afraid of coding, perhaps it is time you understood that the data on these tables can be edited in an interface which looks like a spreadsheet. With such a feature, it becomes relatively easier to present various types of data and formulas on your website if and when necessary.The plugin offers an additional JavaScript library, which as well comes with features such as pagination, filtering and sorting to take care of your visitors’ needs. Get TablePress

If you don’t want to deal with WYSIWYG editors or HTML Code

Visual composer This is a premium page builder which allows you to add drag and drop functionality to any wordpress theme. Whether you are a beginner or a guru in the world of web design, this is very crucial because it gives one the opportunity to create pages within the shortest time by adding various page contents which you will then drag into the right place. There is definitely no easier way for you to create custom pages considering the work that this plugin does.At the heart of this plugin is flexibility and usability. The page elements included in this plugin are both informative and practical. It was also built to recognize some plugins such as Contact Form 7. Whenever such a plugin is active on your website, therefore, visual composer will as well add page builder elements to this plugin, which in turn increase the functionality of your website. Get Visual Composer

If you need an awesome slider

Slider revolution This is a multi-purpose slide displaying solution which enables you to display virtually all kinds of content with highly customizable transitions, animations and effects. The plugin is a visual-oriented interface which allows one to import or export complete sliders with full content. This is especially important if you desire to use particular sliders with a particular theme or rather when you want to move sliders to another wordpress installation. The plugin comes as a chance for you to create a mobile friendly or full-width slider with must-see effects. Regardless of all these, your content will remain readable by search engines. Get Slider Revolution

Conclusively, there is a wide range of wordpress plugins that have been built to enable web developers and owners come up with an interface that is not just appealing but highly functional as well. However, some of these plugins carry the threat of bogging down your website, a reason why you need such a guide to help you choose the exact plugins that will be of help to you.