WordPress Website Backup with BlogVault


WordPress Website Backup

BlogVault offers quality WordPress website backup services. If you own a WordPress site, backup is essential to ensure you have access to everything on your website in case it is hacked. With the backup service, you can restore your site at any time. It is even possible to test the back up to verify if it contains all the components you need to use your site after restoration. BlogVault has simplified WordPress website backup by offering a variety of unique features.

WordPress Migration

This WordPress website backup service allows you to migrate effortlessly from one domain or hosting provider to another. Migration is often challenging and risky but this is not a concern when you have a great backup service. When you have backup, you can access missing content and broken URLS in case anything goes wrong during the migration.

Automatic Restore

Your website may have vulnerabilities that hackers are always looking for to gain access to your content. WordPress website backup from BlogValut helps to restore your site automatically in case of hacking or failure due to human error. There is no need for manual intervention. You can simply use the auto-restore feature provided by the service. This feature restores your backup site to the server.


It is possible to mess something up when developing your WordPress website. WordPress website backup allows you to get back to your previous version. If you have several versions of your sight, you can load each one on the company’s test servers to determine if it functions like a genuine site.

Guaranteed Security

This WordPress website backup services guarantees security for your business. It does this by storing several copies of the backup you create in a separate location from your site. The backup is encrypted and then stored in safe data centers. The backup is also kept in Amazon S3 servers but separate from your credentials to reduce hacking risks.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform
The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

Dynamic Services

WordPress website backup should be dynamic because the components you include on your site are always changing. The company works with the latest changes you have made when you migrate, backup and restore your site. This helps to save on bandwidth and time.

Backup History

Another aspect that makes this WordPress website backup service stand out is that it offers a history of all the backups you have created over the last 30 days. This means that you can restore to any of them when necessary. You do not have to worry about missing important components with this feature.  Even if it takes you a couple days to even notice that your website has been compromised, you can still restore it!

WordPress website backup is necessary for every business or individual who does not want to be caught off guard when hackers strike. You risk losing a lot of important information without WordPress website backup. With adequate backup, you can migrate at any time and not worry that you will lose vital content. BlogVault offers all the features you require to restore your site in case of hacking or failure. Do not compromise all the effort you have put in to come with a site by overlooking the need to use backup.